Platform 3 Twin table

Platform 3 Single table

Platform 4 Twin table

Platform 4 Single table

Platform 4 SLSelf-loading

Platform 5Twin table

Platform 5Single table

Platform 6Lineare


Vigel Platforms include High Speed Horizontal and Vertical Multi-Spindle Machining Centers. Different machine sizes allow to approach a wide range of workpieces in terms of dimensions and materials. Different Spindle’s configurations from 2 up to 4, independent Z axes option, 4th & 5th axes capability, twin table or single table version, integrated automation, are some of the features that enable Vigel to define the right solution in terms of productivity, precision and reliability on each program.


The need to respond quickly to market changes results in clear requirements for the automotive and sub-supplier industries: flexible use of machining systems, low space requirements, reductions in investment cost are all mandatory. Vigel Platforms Twin Table are based on modular concept. Due to the modularity variants and options available, customers can find the specific solution for their requirements reducing the variety of inventoried spare parts. The machine structure allows to approach an extremely wide range of workpieces in terms of dimensions and materials.


Vigel Multispindle technologies is synonymous with lower investment cost per part and higher productivity. Vigel Platforms can be equipped from 2 up to 4 spindles based on production requirements. At identical production levels, multispindle machining centers require significantly less space than a comparable number of single spindle machining centers, shorter production time, less energy consumption and lower automation investment.


Vigel Twin Table technologies enables the loading of the next work pieces while the previous parts are being machining. Beside the 0/180° pallet changer dedicated only to the Twin Table machine, all the Platforms have the same concepts and options available. Fixture plates are independent from the rest of the module, simplifying customer specific modifications and making it easy to retool the machine for new projects. The 4th and 5th axes options allow to finish the part in one clamping position improving workpiece quality and machine productivity.


All Vigel machining centers are equipped with drum-type magazine, designed and built by Vigel. The drum concept is extremely fast, precise and reliable. Different configurations allow to meet various needs in terms of capacity maintaining the same modular structure. Platform Twin Table, as all Vigel machining centers, uses direct tool change.