V3 x-line


A new Multi-spindle Vertical product line, a cost-effective solution combined with Vigel proven technology. The x-lines are configured with Twin- Spindle. Low space requirements , reductions in investment cost and proved quality standards are the guidelines that result in our new line of Vertical Machining Centers. Extremely compact, simple, with the productivity of a Twin-Spindle.


All the x-lines are based on the same modular concept reducing the variety of spare parts among the different machine configurations. Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Centers with different spindle distance and the X-axis of the machine integrated on the swiveling table carrying fixtures and workpieces.


The x-lines are configured with Twin Spindle Technology. Vigel spindle units, as for all Vigel products, are designed to obtain fast and cost-effective substitution reducing cost of maintenance and downtime.


The x-lines are equipped with one swiveling table, The 4th and 5th axis options allow to reduce the clamping positions, improving workpiece’s quality and machine’s productivity.


The x-lines are equipped with disk-type magazine, designed and built by Vigel. Different configurations and the chain-type option allow to meet various needs in terms of capacity. As all Vigel products also the x-lines use direct tool change.