• Technical know-how & full commitment to precision work drives to reliability and quality
  • Thousands of parts convey in our final product.... we keep full internal control on all of them.
  • Spindles, 4th & 5th Axis designed and manufactured by Vigel ensuring quality, precision & on time refurbishment’s service
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Our mission is to serve the Automotive and the OEM’s industries, a difficult challenge in a market presently considered difficult and highly competitive. Our targets will remain meeting the highest international quality standards and a product that goes further, delivers better and offers more to our customers, to our employees and to our shareholders.

As a customer-oriented company from the first planning steps up to the final product we constantly work to meet customers requirements.

Each machine, fixture, process is subjected to rigorous reliability testing and new developments are initiated before any application.

Suppliers are selected and evaluated on their ability to continuously provide quality products.
Each delivery, during the acceptance incoming material, is subjected to rigorous quality checks carried out with advanced instruments and skilled personnel.The same rigorous checks we carry out on the in-house manufactured components and on the final product prior commissioning.

Quality is assured during all product life cycle, offering a high level of services and technical assistance and ensuring operations for continuous improvement.

Today all the Vigel’s structures & processes , weather we are talking about Vigel Italy, India, China or Vigel North America, are operative on the same Global Erp Platform.
A major investment that allows us to be closer, more reactive and accurate in our daily activities.


A Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001, exists and has been repeatedly certified since 1998. An integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, accordig to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, exists and has been repeatedly certified since 2021. Vigel is rated by D&B CRIBIS as “Most Reliable” based on the company’s performances. Recently integrated also an Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001, September 2023

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DNV Certification
Integrated Quality, Envirorment and Safety Policy on Labor (ENG)
Integrated Quality, Envirorment and Safety Policy on Labor (ITA)
Information Security Policy (ITA)



As a distinguishing sign of the most qualified machine tools manufacturers Vigel is part of the Italian Machine Tools Association since ... as also part of the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturer Association since...

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Without the constant stimulus of our loyal and demanding Clients , Vigel would not be where it is today. On the other hand as sign of quality appreciation reputable customers have recognized our performance with Awards.

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Introducing the green part of Vigel

Vigel have recognized the importance of environmental policies and is using them to shape its corporate philosophy. Today, technology must incorporate a deep awareness of environmental concerns. Following this road Vigel will keep investing in order to design and produce environmentally compatible products.
Vigel is one of the companies that are granted to use the Blue Philosophy mark, an Initiative promoted by the Italian Machine Tools Association.